What is writing?

Writing is a way to express your feelings towards something or someone. Writing is a very powerful way to get your thoughts reaching multiple people. In history writing is very important in many different ways, we might not know everything that happened many years ago. The definition of writing, according to Merriam.webster.com is, “the act or art of forming visible letters or characters”. What makes a writing successful to me would be, for the writing to be very easily understood. I find when a writer repeats themselves, I lose interest and stop reading. Also I find when the writer connects with his audience that makes it successful.

I feel like I am more of an essayist, which is someone who writes essays. In high school I felt like that was my strong suit, something I’m naturally good at. Teachers always told me I cite the text very well and make it connect to my essay. A short list that defines writing to me would be storytelling, informing the audience, describing personal experiences, arguing your points, and discussing your opinions.

In Billy Collins’ commencement address I think the writing was successful. Because it was easily understood and readable. I think Billy Collins’ really connected with his audience when he shared advice and his personal experiences. I don’t want to revise my list after reading the commencement address because I felt like he did an outstanding job informing the audience, describing his advice, and discussing with his audience.

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