Anzaldua Discussion

In Anzaldua writing I felt like she was informing the audience about Spanish language and the culture. Which I have always thought that is what the writer would want to do. I didn’t necessarily know you would have two different set of audiences when doing so.

The first audience she is informing, is about the Spanish language. She does this in two passages which are, “Chicano Spanish” and “Oye como ladra: el lenguajede de la frontera”. In those two passages she is informing the audience about the language by giving examples. Also in the “Oye como ladra: el lenguajede de la frontera” passage she gives a list of all the different Spanish languages spoke in the US.

The second audience she is informing, is about the Spanish culture. She does this in four passages, “My Native Tongue”, “Overcoming the Tradition of Silence”, “Linguistic Terrorism”, and “Si le preguntas a mi mama, ‘Que eras?'”. She gives examples about her personal experience. She also gives examples about her brother, sister, and other family members.

When she talks from personal experiences but also gives educational pieces is makes is feel like there are more than one audience. This reading piece has made me realize you can cater your writing to multiple audiences. Which I haven’t quite realized until I did this assignment.

3 thoughts on “Anzaldua Discussion

  1. I really agree with your last paragraph. I also realized you can speak to more than just one audience. Anzaldua did a great job letting us know what audiences she was speaking to at which time, which really helped me understand writing to more than just one audience.


  2. I agree with your thought about what an audience is. I never realized you could talk to multiple audiences as well until I read the story! I think the story was very interesting while she was informing others about her culture while also discussing her experiences that could help people relate.


  3. I agree with your last paragraph when saying that you cannot cater you writing to a certain audience but rather make it open to multiple ones. The author did a very good job when she was talking to the different audiences in this piece of writing. I agree when you were saying that one of the audiences were people that were learning about the Chicano culture. This was a very well written response!


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