Key Terms Reflection

A genre is a category an author chooses from when writing. I would have to choose a genre when I am writing

A audience is a group of people reading or listening to a persons writing or thoughts. When I’m writing I will have to choose a audience I want to gear my writing towards.

A rhetorical situation is an event that has three parts in writing; issue, audience, and a set of limitations. I would have to figure out those three things when writing.

A discourage community is a group of people that have goals and they communicate their goals with others. I have never heard of this in writing, therefore I don’t know how I would use it.

Knowledge in writing is giving the audience information about your writing. I would have to have information to give the audience when I am writing.

The purpose is the reason why the author is writing something. When I am writing I have to have a reason and I have to make it known to the audience.

Context in writing is a situation that informs the audience about why they are reading what was written. I would have to let the audience know why I wrote what I wrote.

The reflection in writing is when the author goes into detail about a scene so the audience can get a good image. I would have to go into great detail when I am writing so the audience really pictures what I am picturing.

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