Anzaldua Post Reflection

After reading the peer reviews about the Anzaldua discussion post, they all said they agreed with what I was saying. I was nervous that my response was going to be a lot different from everyone else’s but after reading other ones as well and seeing ours were kind of the same, it give me more confidence in myself and my work for this class. Anyways my comments, they specifically said they agreed with my last paragraph. Which the last paragraph talked a lot about catering to multiple audiences in one writing piece. I didn’t really noticed or realized this was possible until I did this assignment. It will definitely give me things to think about in my future writings.

When I was posting my comments, I also realized I wrote a very similar response as others. The only difference that really stood out to me was, the differences in the audiences. For example, I said one audiences was for culture and the other was for the Spanish language. When I read one of my peer’s, they were talking about a specific group of people called “Anglo”. That person made me realize that “Anglo” was a group of people.

Overall I thought this assignment was very interesting. I thought it was very interesting reading what others wrote, and also seeing the comments people left on my post. It made me more aware of other’s points of views, which I liked a lot. I liked how we were able to interact with each other even though we are all online. I also liked how some people’s posts made me make more connections in the reading, that I didn’t see before.

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