Entry 2: Audience

The definition of audience in my own words would be, someone/ a group of people engaging into what you are telling them and they are getting knowledge from your point of views. Audience is important in your writing because you will cater your piece towards a certain person or a group of people and give your knowledge to them. I think the Columbia House and Gloria Anzaldua’s writing are similar in ways. Gloria is trying to find where she fits in and her identity with being Mexican in America, she also explains the culture from where she’s from. Chris working at the Columbia House is similar because, he is trying to find his identity working there. He also takes the camera around to show the culture of his work place. I would say his documentary is catered more towards an audience that is curious about that certain workplace or job, since he shows them around. Anzaldua’s writing gives me an understanding for audience because she shows that there can be more than one, and in her writing she really helps me see that when she is directly talking to each audience. My definition of audience hasn’t changed, I think it is a group trying to take information away from what they are reading or listening to. Anzaldua’s reading just showed me that there can be more than one audience.

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