Bazerman Discussion

A locutionary act includes a proposition about a certain thing. A illocutionary act is the act the listener is intended to do. An perlocutionary act is how the listener takes what the person said and they interpret it wrong from what they meant. For example my mom and I were running errands last week and I told her “I am hungry”, which would be a locutionary act. I was expecting her to go through a drive thru restaurant since I told her I was hungry, which would be an example of illocutionary act. But instead of her driving to a restaurant she drove back home, for me to make food. Her driving home instead is an example of perlocutionary act since interpreted it wrong.

A genre set are collections of texts a certain work professional would use. A genre system are several genre sets a group of people working together would use. And system of activity helps people with what they’re doing and how the texts helps them to do it. A genre system creates a system of activity because it could give the working people things to do or create things for them to do. For example an essay prompt would give the student activity, such as writing the essay. Another example would be public school teachers, they are given a curricular by the state that they need to teach and cover in one school year. The genres would include; lesson plans, tests, exams, group activities, homework, etc. This would create activity because the students would have to actively pay attention and do the work.

In major assignment one I would use the passage “Basic Concepts”, because this passage talks a lot about genres, genre sets, and genre systems. Which I can incorporate into the assignment since it does talk about genres. I think that reading would work very well into my essay.

Works Cited

Bazerman, Charles. What Writing Does and How It Does It: An Introduction to Analyzing Texts and Textual Practices

6 thoughts on “Bazerman Discussion

  1. I liked the example you used for the 3 part analysis. So many times I have told my mom I was hungry hoping she would get me something to eat, which rarely happened. This was a great example to break down.


  2. Your definitions were solid and clear. I liked the examples you used for a genre system and a system of activity. It was easier to understand system of activities for school seeing the example of an essay prompt and all the genres that are in a school day such as tests and lessons plans that to students would have to actively attend and listen to.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your whole discussion. I thought you did a nice job explaining each of the definitions and everything was well written. Since everything was well written it was easier to understand. I actually have a better understanding of everything now. Nice Work!


  4. I agree with what you said about the major assignment 1. That is a really good passage to use because it also has all of the acts included as well so their is a lot of genre to talk about.


  5. Can’t explain how many times that has happened to me before where your parents just said “we have food at home” that’s a very good example because you showed how not everything is received the way we intend to. It was easy to understand the school example and what the genre would include the lessons, plans, exams, and many more things that would create a system of activity. You organized everything really well!


  6. I like the passage you chose. the passage on genre systems will defiantly help you analyze how speech and writing are aimed towards audiences. I feel you have a solid understanding of both the speech act and the genre system.


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