Bazerman Reflection

Every comment of mine talked about how they could either relate to my examples or they got a better understanding from my examples. This has made me realize that I don’t have to change my thoughts about each term. I liked how each peer that reviewed my discussion and each discussion I viewed, we pretty much all had the same understanding of the terms.

When I was viewing other’s discussions we all had somewhat of the same examples. But the ones that were slightly different just helped me get a better and more of a clear understanding. Having the same examples and meanings, gives me more validation that I understood the assignment correctly and the passage correctly.

I felt like this reflection was harder to fill out because all of my comments just talked about how they liked my examples. They also talked about how they could relate to my examples as personal experiences. However, I still really enjoy being able to read through the comments. I felt like this helps connect to me to my peers a little bit more.

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