Prompted Blog Entry 3: Genre

Before reading Bazerman’s text, my definition for genre was very slim and simple. I thought it was just a category of a speech or text. For example like fiction or non-fiction, I didn’t think it was any more complex than that. I thought that because in high school and elementary school my teachers would say it is the category of the text. I never took the time to look more into the definition.

After reading Bazerman’s text I now know it is more complex than it just being a category. He talks about the speech acts being patterned into the genre. He then goes into the genre sets and genre systems. Which as you can see if very different from my definition. I do not see any similarities with the two definitions. I don’t remember my teachers ever talking about the speech acts and if they did, they. never went into details about them.

In commencement addresses I have noticed there are similarities between many of them. In Malala Yousafzai’s commencement address to Harvard in 2013, she shows the struggles she has been through and tells horrible situations she has witness. I found that to be very motivational and inspiring to others. She also shows where she come from and what it was like to live in Pakistan with terrorists all around her. I also looked at Barack Obama’s speech to the class of 2020. He is also very inspiring to that class, when he talks about being able to socialize again, and he talks about missing live graduation, it will soon pass. I am a part of the 2020 class, so I did miss out on almost everything that people would look forward to their senior year. I found his speech to be very motivational that things will soon go back to normal. The major characteristic I found between commencement addresses is, that they are very motivational and inspiring.

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