Bitzer Discussion

The meaning the rhetoric is pragmatic is that somethings come in the world to have change or perform an action. I was personally kind of confused with this question so I answered it as best as I could. However rhetoric produces action because it has or performs some sort of task. It relates to Bazerman’s system of activity. It relates because the genre sets would produce activity, just as rhetoric produces action.

A rhetorical situation gives a context of people, places, events, relations, and exigence. This will naturally give a situation. I think exigence means a issue or situation that has to be brought up. This is important to rhetorical situation because this gives you the events/ situations that need to be addressed.

Exigence is important to rhetorical situation because it’s the problem/ situation. The audience is important to the rhetorical situation because it is who you are giving the situation to. Constraints is also important to the rhetorical situation because this will limit you. For an example this could simply be how many words you can write for an assingment.

I would use passage one on page three and four for major assignment one. I chose this because I could relate it to the genre. And how rhetorical gives action like system of activity.

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5 thoughts on “Bitzer Discussion

  1. I agree that rhetoric is pragmatic and it creates some kind of action, which also relates to Bazerman’s System of Activity. I like how you include that a rhetorical situation gives context about people, places, events, relations, and exigence. That’s a very good description including those different examples. Another aspect that you did a good job on is describing exigence, audience, and constraints with the rhetorical situation. The way you defined them is very clear and easy to understand.


  2. I agree with your definition of exigence and it’s relationship with the rhetorical situation. I liked the definition because it is really simple but it defines the concept. I also agree with your choice of using passage one for major assignment 1. It is a good choice because it is really helpful to explain the rhetorical situation and how that works.


  3. I agree with the relation between rhetorics and system of activities, that’s what I had answered. Your definitions were good and passage one would be something resourceful to use for the assignment.


  4. I agree with what you had to say about Exigence. It plays a big role because it is the problem, which is what I said. I liked your definitions and also learned a lot from what you said. Great job.


  5. I really liked how you admitted that you were a little confused with the definition because I know I was the same exact way and I am sure others were too. I agree with your explanation of rhetorical situation and liked how you brought exigence into it. That paragraph flowed very well and was very educating. This discussion was very well written!


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