Bitzer Reflection

When I was doing this assignment I was personally confused with the first question that said “rhetoric is pragmatic”. However after reading everyones blog it gave me a much better understanding. Some people wrote that they liked that I admitted that I was confused because they were too. I liked that they admitted that they were confused too because I was scared that I was the only one.

All of my comments said pretty much the same thing just from five different people. They all said that they liked my definitions and they were very clear/ easy to understand. This just gave me the reinsurance that I did the assignment correctly and understood each term.

As I have said from my other reflections, I personally really like talking the time and reading my comments on the entries. I feel like it just gives me the clarification/ reinsurance that I did the assignment correctly. In high school I sometimes interpreted things different, and doing these peer reviews it lets me see other perspectives which I find fascinating.

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