Blog Entry 4: Rhetorical Situation

Bitzer defines the rhetorical situation as the “nature in which speakers or writers create rhetorical discourse”. He had four key terms to go along with his. The key terms were; the people, events, objects, and exigence. I think rhetorical situation is when a person, event, or object produces an action in which the audience can learn from it.

My example for the rhetorical situation is “I Have A Dream” speech from Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr is the person giving the speech, the purpose was to have equal rights for the African American community. He had a huge audience, which he impacted greatly. He had the audience feeling inspired and he informed them.

The rhetorical situation connects to the genre because they both produce an action or activity. Like genre can produce an activity from genre of system and system of activity. The rhetorical situation produces action because it give a task, which the audience can learn from.

Works Cited

Bitzer F. Lloyd; The Rhetorical Situation

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