Yancey Discussion

My overall impression of the reading, I didn’t think a reflection in writing was very complicated. After reading parts of Yancey’s writing, I now realize it was a lot more complex. I found myself having to re-reading a lot of the parts. And actually take my time to understand what I was reading. For major assignment 1 revising, I think I could do a outline of what I need to revise with using her reading.

I do agree with her definition of reflection. She basically says we know what we did right and what we did wrong. Which I have always thought that’s what reflection meant in writing. My course of action will be, going over her writing when I am revising my essay. I will use her writing as a reference for major assignment 1.

Works Cited

Yancey Blake Kathleen; Reflection in the Writing Classroom

3 thoughts on “Yancey Discussion

  1. Hi Abby. I really like how you explained that Yancey’s text was a little difficult to read at first. I definitely had to go back a couple of times and re-read some things myself. I also really enjoyed your last paragraph. I like your course of action saying you would incorporate Yancey’s writing into your own because I would do the same thing. Good job.


  2. I also agree with the text being difficult understand. I had to double take a couple of times for what I just read in the text. I also agree with how you are going to use the text to revise major assignment one because I’m going to do something similar.


  3. I agree with the text being difficult to understand. I was constantly rereading. I found what helped me was reading in chunks and breaking down what everything meant. I also had a similar view as to what reflection meant and would be great to incorporate it into the Major Assignment 1.


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