Blog Entry 5: Reflection

Yancey’s definition of reflection basically says, we know what we did right and what we did wrong with our writing, after we re-read it. The website I found basically says reflection is used to examine your writing. Which I agree with both of these definitions. Yancey then talks about how reflection enables writers to set goals, and lets the writer to revise/revisit their writing piece.

I feel like reflection connects very well to rhetorical situation, genre, and audience. I think this because it allowed you to look back, re-read, and see if the three major keys to your writing connect. This does match with the website I found, on the website it says to ask yourself questions while writing. For examples, “Does this make sense?” Which will allow you to step back from your writing, re-read what your wrote and think if the three terms make sense/ are being connected together.

Works Cited

Yancey Blake Kathleen, Reflection in the Writing Classroom

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