Yancey Reflection

I found myself having to go back and re-read a lot of the text. I wrote that in my assignment, not knowing how my peers would react to that. I was nervous writing that because I didn’t want people to think I was less intelligent. However each of my comments also agreed that it was hard to comprehend at first, and that also had to re-read. Which I enjoyed seeing that I wasn’t the only one.

Everyone also said how they liked my course of action. I wrote that, when I go to revise major assignment 1, I would look back to the text and incorporate it into my revising process. Also seeing my other peers course of action, I felt like it would be helpful for me too. One peer review that really stood out to me was Logan Van De Hatert, he said he would re-read his assignment, then have a peer read over it, then he’d read it aloud for any mistakes.

I like seeing the comments I get back from doing peer reviews. I also like seeing other’s perspectives on assignments, so I could get ideas. I also feel like it gives me a better understanding on what I’m learning about and reading. Seeing others, points of views helps me to understand definitions and terms better and more clearly.

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