Blog 6: Discourse Community

One discourse community that I belong too, would be being a Christian. That would classify with being a discourse community because it has Swales six characteristics. The first characteristics would what goals we have, I’d say the goals are to spread faith and act with good morals. The second characteristics deals with communication, so we would go to mass as the form of communication. The third characteristic would be getting information while at mass, or from churchgoers. The forth characteristic are genres, which genres for Christians are bibles, prayers, or song. The fifth characters are lexis, those would be pope or God. The final characteristic is membership, that would be the pope or a priest.

A discourse community I didn’t like was my job last summer. My uncle offered me a job at his work, he is a periodontists so my job was a sterilization technician. I was extremely grateful for the job and I love doing the actual job. But since my uncle was the boss, all my co-workers treated me differently. For example, I would walk into a room they were all on and they would quickly stop talking. They would do this because they were complaining to each other for their boss, my uncle. I didn’t mind them complaining because I feel like it is natural to complain about her boss to your co-workers. However, it was very awkward when they would just stop talking and stare at me when I walked in.

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