Swales Reflection

I thought I did a good job with this assignment. I really understood everything with the assignment tasks and the text that went along with it. All the comments that I received pretty much said the same thing. Which was they didn’t think about the examples I used with the discourse communities I belong to. The examples I used was my religion and my family. They also said my definitions were easy to understand and they got a better understanding after reading my response.

When I was commenting on my peers assignments, I really enjoyed seeing their discourse communities. For example I learned that one of my peers like flying planes in his free time, which I thought was extremely interesting. I also liked how one of my peers used the actual definition in their assignment. I didn’t think to do that myself.

Overall I thought this assignment was fairly easy. Which I mean by saying that, the text was easy to understand and I understood the terms easily. I felt like everyone I commented on, had the nearly the same meaning for each term and their examples were similar. I don’t have much to say in regarding things that changed my mind from my initial post.

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