Johnson & Grant Discussion

Before I thought rhetorical situation was the lesson or basically the sitting in a text. Grant-Davie says that the author sees that there needs to be change in the world, and sees that could be effected by discourse. I never thought about rhetorical situation beyond the thought that it was the setting or lesson in the text. My definition for exigence is the problem that the audience learns, or the task in the writing piece. The rhetor is a form of persuading in writing. The audience is the group of people learning a lesson from the author and the writing, or they are being persuaded. The constraints in the writing would be the patterns, like the patterns in poetry.

Before watching the Johnson video I thought good ideas came from creative people. For example in high school we learn about renaissance men, and their brilliant ideas. I think everyone learns in different ways, but I think it is mostly form what we see others do. Writing and reading I think both create new knowledge because when we read and write we are learning from other peoples ideas.

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