Major Assignment 1 Reflection

When I first looked at the assignment, and the directions for the assignment I immediately felt overwhelmed and stressed. I looked at the 1200 word count and thought to myself, how was I going to pull this off. But somehow I did pull it off. I googled how many words are roughly in one paragraph and google answered “200 words”. So I took out a piece of paper and began an outline, I thought I would need around six paragraphs to complete this goal. However when I started writing I realized I could do this assignment using five paragraphs, so my outline was; paragraph one- introduction, paragraph two- genre, paragraph three- audience, paragraph four- rhetorical situation, and the final paragraph would be a conclusion. I did bullet points of what specific details I was going to talk about in each page, I found the citations and wrote what page number they were on, and I later thought that this was the easiest and most efficient way to write this assignment. While writing the outline for this assignment I found it was easy having each of my blog posts written down in a notebook. When I am writing a blog post, I write it down and answer the questions in a notebook. I saw that this made doing the major assignment a lot more time efficient. I also thought having my peers comment on my draft, made me more confident when writing the final draft. I like seeing what I should work on and what was good before turning in my actual major assignment one. I also liked seeing what my peers were writing, and their take on the assignment. Overall after writing my first major assignment in college and English, I feel like I am more prepared for my future assignments. I feel like I will have better time management, and know how to do the outlines to make the assignments less stressful.

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