Blog Entry 7: Knowledge

I think knowledge and learning are ver powerful. I feel like the more knowledge someone has the better off in life they are. For an example, in high school I took a class called personal finance. In the class I learned about different insurances, how to invest in stocks, how to have over one million dollars when I retire, and a lot more. I feel a lot better and safer than the students that chose not to take that class. Now learning I think is different, humans never stop learning. We learn from our mistakes the older we get, which I find amazing.

I was personally confused with what Ken Highland’s definition of knowledge. I think collaboration is ver important in the knowledge making process. I feel like hearing experiences from other people can gain your own knowledge. Like you have learned from their mistakes. Johnsons example of the coffee ship I think is perfect when talking about knowledge. The idea of the shop was that everyone from different professions and experiences would go there and meet. This would cause everyone to share ideas and knowledge.

I think my ideas towards my research assignment has shifted. I know I can use other peoples ideas and knowledge since their ideas will be different than mine. I can gain knowledge and information for my assignment.

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