Blog Entry 8: Purpose and Primary Research

Grant- Davie says his purpose for writing is to explain the rhetorical situation. I think purpose I writing is the why. What you what the audience to get out of the writing when they are reading. I think the purpose connects with the rhetorical situation, genre, audiences and reflection. I think this because the writer can involve their purpose into the rhetorical situation, which can lead into what genre it is then who your audience is.

I think the purpose from the student’s essays, was to see or compare to one another. Each author incorporates their primary research by giving the exact name of their sources and I feel like they all characterize their sources. I don’t feel like I have any questions about major assignment two, I will definitely be looking back to this as a reference.

Works Cited

Penzato, Marissa: Fanfiction, Poetry, Blogs, and Journals: A Case Study of the Connection between Extracurricular and Academic Writings

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