Johnson & Grant-Davie Reflection

For this assignment I turned it in late, therefore I wasn’t assigned certain peer reviews to look over. So I went to previous peer reviews to find other’s blogs, I went over their initial posts. I will admit that my assignment was not the most intricate, so while looking at my peers posts I was blown away. Their points of views really opened my eyes and made me think about it in a different.

The first student I looked at was David Valero Guillen, he generally wrote a lot for each question that was asked. He came up with a lot of different viewpoints, for example like the Johnson video. He listed a thought process that someone takes for them to have a good idea. I simple wrote that a good idea came from a creative person, like a renaissance man. He also had a deeper point about learning, I said learning comes from knowledge that we find in readings than a teacher teaches us. However, David asked the question “Who taught the first person how to learn something?” I had never thought about learning on a deeper level like he has. Which I thought was very interesting.

The second student I looked at was Matthew Sprandel, he also brought points that I had never thought about. He talked more about how rhetors make rhetorical situation more complicated than what Bitzer says. He also thought that good ideas came from studying and reading more books. I liked seeing how my classmates had all different ideas about learning, knowledge, and where good ideas come from. I think it is fascinating that we are all taking the same course and doing the same work, yet we all have different interpretations about learning.

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