Hyland Discussion

I found reading Hyland’s summary, it was more difficult than a regular article. I found myself having to re-read and try to really understand what I am reading. I didn’t realize writing different disciplines would cause different numbers fo works to total citations. I think other disciplines would use more citations because they work with more data and readings all together. I saw that the disciplines with more citations generally had more words and less percentages for summary. I found the groups with higher citations normally stayed together with each category. I found the similarities and differences were hand and hand when it came to percentages. Marketing values citations, generally uses more quotes, they argue, demonstrate, and show their purpose. They had the highest percentage for subject as well. I would tell someone that is doing research for this discipline too, read other marketing books since they seem to demonstrate that.

Works cited

Hyland, Ken: Disciplinary Discourse: Social Interactions in Academic Writing

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