Building Block 2.3

For major assignment 2 I have been doing research about the writing process an author goes through. I have found credible sites to use, however I’d like to find more books to look through too. I have not yet found all of the sources that I want to use, I’ve just found a few. The first website I found recalling goes into detail about the actual steps for writing. For an example they go through, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. I can connect to this since this is what we are doing for major assignment 1. I feel like I can put my own twist onto this. I feel like that is a credible source because they do host writing events. The second website is owl Purdue, which I feel like that is a very credible source. I go to that website when I need examples for different writing. However, they talk about stages of writing. I think I can connect all pieces of evidence together about the process of writing. The third website isa word stream site, I chose this website because they talk about, and give examples about how authors choose their topics. I felt like this is important to the writing process because it is where the first idea comes from. This is a blog site, therefore I don’t know if I am going for sure use this for my assignment. I don’t think it is the most credible source I could use. They just give 5 ways to find your topic. The fourth website I found talks about how creative authors find their topics. I also think this is important to my topic question, since authors are very creative people. I think I can’t still find more articles or websites I can use for this assignment, I don’t think I am done with this research yet. Like I said, I want to go to a library and see what they have.

Works Cited

First website-

Second website-

Third website-

Forth website-

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