Hyland Discussion Reflection

I felt like this assignment was harder to understand than normal. I think the summary was harder to understand than just a regular article. After looking through my peers assignments, they agreed that is was harder to understand. Joshua Stanley said he was a slower reader so it took him a while to read this, I agree with him because I am also a slow reader. I found myself having to re-read a lot of the summary and having to think exactly what each sentence meant.

The first peer blog I looked at was Latre Robinson, he said the summary was hard to understand which I agreed with. We also found the same trends with the average citations. However we chose different disciplines and I liked seeing how they compared to each other. The next peer I reviewed was David Valero Gullien, he said he might have missed information because the summary was so compact and didn’t make much sense. I agree with the summary being compact, I think I missed some information too. We chose the same discipline, so I liked seeing how he would guide a student through research. The final student I looked at was Joshua Stanley. He brought up the point that math didn’t cite as much as science or philosophy. I found that interesting because I also associate math and science together.

Generally I liked seeing my peers points of views. I think it is interesting that we are all given the same assignment and how we have different takes on it. I liked seeing that I wasn’t the only one that found the summary hard to understand either.

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