Building Block 2.4 : Post-report Reflection

While I was writing major assignment 2, I was extremely overwhelmed. I know as a writer and student that I am better at doing one draft then coming back and adding more/ take some things away. If I do it all at once I get overwhelmed and most of the time it sounds like a bunch of thoughts thrown on a work document. For my second draft I know I need to add more sources. I will find more sources by going to the library, I also still need to conduct an interview. I will also run through the first draft and change words to sound “smarter”, I will also add more of explanations to my citations. And more evidence in general to each of my paragraphs. I feel like I also need to add another category to my thesis, I haven’t figured out what I should add. But by doing this it will add another paragraph, which will add more words to my word count. I have conducted a list of paper of what I still need to accomplish and I will check them off as I go through them.

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