Yancey 2 Discussion

Quartet one:

Yancey is very good at connecting the history with technology to her argument. With reading materials becoming more accessible, since paper was cheaper. Then she talks about how people started traveling, and there being a huge demographic change. This also adds to her argument because people all over the world began to read each others work.

Quartet two:

The statistics she stated were, 89% students graduated high school and only 65% began college. She says most people quit after their first year of college. I personally have seen people stop taking college courses after their first year. So I agree with her on this argument. I can see why students drop out, it is a lot more freedom than high school. Which might cause some people to struggle to stay in college.

Quartet three:

I can see how part of our curriculum has come from Yancey, when she says you need to revisit and revise. We’ve been doing that with all of our major assignments. I feel like it is working because we look back and revise our assignments after our peer reviews.

Quartet four:

I felt like this was a conclusion. I don’t see where she would have started a new argument. She concluded her original argument at the very ending. She talks about change, but I felt like that is what her argument was about in the beginning.

Major assignment three:

I chose case study and a speech for my genres. I felt like this was relevant to my topic because I can relate it to the audience. For case study I can show how many authors are successful. And for a speech I can use statistics so new authors won’t give up on their dreams. I felt like this was appropriate for my audience because they could be aspiring authors.

Works Cited:

Yancey, Blake Kathleen; Made Not Only in Words: Composition in a New Key

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