Yancey 2 Reflection

My first peer review was Joshua Stanley. I first noticed his quartet one and how he listed the argument Yancey was making, which I found helpful. He also brought up how technologies overrunning the basics from the 19th century, which I thought was interesting. I haven’t really deeply thought about technologies in that way. For quartet four he thought it was a new beginning, I said it was a conclusions. So I liked seeing someone else’s viewpoints on the reading.

My second peer review was Michaela Davis. For quartet one I was thinking traveling helped spread knowledge and advanced writing, since people would be getting different ideas for others. Michaela said technology advances the way people wrote. Which I never thought about either, after thinking about it I realized technology could influence peoples thought process which I think is also interesting.

My final peer review was Daniel Adam. We had the same view point for quartet two. He said people drop out of college because they feel pressure and overwhelmed. Which I totally agree with him, the first year is hard since it is such a big transition from high school. He also said for quartet four that it was a new beginning, I liked seeing his view point on that. I also liked seeing how the view point was different from Joshua Stanley, since they both said it was a new beginning.

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