Bergmann and Zepernick Discussion

This article made me think back to my high school English classes. As I was thinking I felt like when I was writing I was expressing my own feelings and/or opinions with myself. I found out I’m not the only student that was doing this either. I agree when they talked about writing in English being a lot different than other courses. it surprised me when they talk about writing in English should not bore the reader. This takes away the connection between English and the writing. Which I had never thought about before. I can apply this article to not only writing and English but with life. I realized I need to connect the writing and reading more. I also realized I need to write for myself. Like at the end of the day sit down and write what happened and what I am thinking.

For major assignment 4 I think I will use the section “Summary of Responses.” I chose this because it was the explanations from their case study. While I was reading this section, I realized in high school I would use writing as personal expression. It was an opportunity to get my thought out there. I didn’t think it was academic as much.

Works Cited;

Bergmann, S. Linda and Zerpernick, Janet ;Disciplinarity and Transfer: Students’ Perceptions of Learning to Write

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