Bergmann and Zepernick Reflection

My first peer to review was Elijah Motz. I agreed with him when he talked about someones writing can be influenced by their past and their culture, which I have never thought about. When he was talking about all of the disciplines with writing vs. personal vs. academic, I understood that. I wrote about I normally took writing assignments in high school and made them personal.

My second peer review was Tyler Landon. I felt like the passage he chose for his major assignment 4 will be very useful and work great. I never really thought about having all the basic learning down before going into something higher. I knew you needed the basic before but I never thought about it that deeply.

My final peer review was Daniel Adam. I liked what he talked about for major assignment 4. I think that will go great for the project. He said he will talk about rhetorical situation and discourse communities, I think that will be perfect. I agree with learning lower levels before going onto higher learnings, like college.

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