How We Learn, Chapter 2

I chose “How Students Talked about Actually Learning to Write” from the Bergmann and Zepernick article, and “Meaningful Patterns of Informations” for the How People Learn Chapter 2 article. I agree with both of this article. The meaningful pattern section, talked about chess and how people learn from patterns and memorizing. This makes me think about when I hate to do times tables in math when I was in 4th grade. But when I was doing these times tables, I was learning from patterns and memory, we did them once a week. I felt like that truly help. The Bergmann and Zepernick article I also agreed with, they talked about students having a lack of experience and knowledge. The students also stated that the writing was expository rather than expressive. I don’t totally agree with that statement, because sometimes I write and express my views. However, if I am writing a proper paper from English I will write more expository. I feel like the difference between a expert learning and a novice learning, is that a expert can apply their learning to different scenarios while novice has a harder time with that. I think a novice learner can become an expert learning by stepping outside their comfort box or being more creative with their writing process. I do not feel like I am an expert learner or writer yet because it is sometimes harder for me to step out the box or transfer my learning from English to a science course when I need to.

Works Cited:

Bergmann S. Linda and Zepernick, Janet: Disciplinarily and Transfer: Students’ Perceptions of Learning to Write

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