How We Learn, Chapter 2 Reflection

First I looked at Daniel Adam’s post. We chose two different passage’s for this assignment, and I felt like he went together more than mine. I thought it was interesting when he described the difference between novice and experts, but when he was describing the differences it made me realize something I didn’t realize before. And that is that expert could also be hobby based, I did know that there were expert in different hobbies. But when I was reading the articles I didn’t connect it to outside of academics. He said he was an expert in pain which I think is pretty amazing, due to the fact that I feel like it would be hard.

The second person I reviewed was Tyler Landon. We pretty much agreed on the whole assignment, we chose the same passages from the articles. His hobby that he was an expert in was sewing. I think it was amazing because he was describing recycling clothes which I have purchased and I think it is amazing for the environment. Anyways, he said that you would become an expert when you gain knowledge to solve problems that you would be in. I totally agree with his statement.

The final post I read was from David Guillen Valero. We chose different passages from the two articles, I liked seeing his point of view. He chose an article that I was originally going to chose, and it has to do with being an expert in chess. I liked seeing how he used that article with this assignment. He also said he was an expert with flying RC airplanes, I think that is so interesting. Also my brother used to be into driving RC cars and I know how challenging that can be.

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