How We Learn, Chapter 2

I chose “How Students Talked about Actually Learning to Write” from the Bergmann and Zepernick article, and “Meaningful Patterns of Informations” for the How People Learn Chapter 2 article. I agree with both of this article. The meaningful pattern section, talked about chess and how people learn from patterns and memorizing. This makes me thinkContinue reading “How We Learn, Chapter 2”

Blog 12: Transfer

I feel like I do not share perceptions. I do not think this because I know what I learned in 7th grade and still use it in writing to this day. I do find the concepts I have learned in English to be helpful in other contexts. For example, the other day my older brotherContinue reading “Blog 12: Transfer”

Yancey 2 Reflection

My first peer review was Joshua Stanley. I first noticed his quartet one and how he listed the argument Yancey was making, which I found helpful. He also brought up how technologies overrunning the basics from the 19th century, which I thought was interesting. I haven’t really deeply thought about technologies in that way. ForContinue reading “Yancey 2 Reflection”


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