Blog 13: Transfer and Learning

I think the connection between transfer and writing is when someone takes something they have learned from previous years and apply it to something the learned recently. Then when reflection comes into it, it is when you look back and see what you have known and what you are learning that is new. I thinkContinue reading “Blog 13: Transfer and Learning”

How We Learn, Chapter 2 Reflection

First I looked at Daniel Adam’s post. We chose two different passage’s for this assignment, and I felt like he went together more than mine. I thought it was interesting when he described the difference between novice and experts, but when he was describing the differences it made me realize something I didn’t realize before.Continue reading “How We Learn, Chapter 2 Reflection”

How We Learn, Chapter 2

I chose “How Students Talked about Actually Learning to Write” from the Bergmann and Zepernick article, and “Meaningful Patterns of Informations” for the How People Learn Chapter 2 article. I agree with both of this article. The meaningful pattern section, talked about chess and how people learn from patterns and memorizing. This makes me thinkContinue reading “How We Learn, Chapter 2”

Bergmann and Zepernick Reflection

My first peer to review was Elijah Motz. I agreed with him when he talked about someones writing can be influenced by their past and their culture, which I have never thought about. When he was talking about all of the disciplines with writing vs. personal vs. academic, I understood that. I wrote about IContinue reading “Bergmann and Zepernick Reflection”

Bergmann and Zepernick Discussion

This article made me think back to my high school English classes. As I was thinking I felt like when I was writing I was expressing my own feelings and/or opinions with myself. I found out I’m not the only student that was doing this either. I agree when they talked about writing in EnglishContinue reading “Bergmann and Zepernick Discussion”

Prompted Blog 9: Define Genre

I believe genres are categorized to certain groups of people. For example teachers and salesmen would not use the same type of genres for their careers. This will make them have a different system of activity since their genres are not the same. Like teachers would have lesson plans, quizzes and tests, group activities, etc.Continue reading “Prompted Blog 9: Define Genre”