Major Assignment 4

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Major Assignment 4

For this major assignment I felt like I didn’t need to do multiple drafts, since it is a reflection of your theory of writing with the three other major assignments. I also chose to write as a journal entry.

Abigail Parker

Professor Murdock

English 1001

4 Dec. 2020

Before taking English 1001 with Professor Murdock, I did not have an understanding for a writing theory. Nor know anything about developing a writing theory. Since doing all the assignments and blog for this course, I have a much greater understanding for what a writing theory is and what necessarily goes into what makes a writing theory. I now realize there has to be a rhetorical situation, an audience, and a genre. There also could be a discourse community you can cater your writing towards. In a discourse community there are genre sets, genre systems, along with a system of activity. To be in a discourse community there are memberships you would have to join. Examples of discourse communities could be nurses, teachers, a religion group, firefighters, etc. For major assignment one I didn’t have a theory yet, I felt like it developed as the course continued and as I completed more assignments my theory started to develop. Then with major assignment two I had to focus on the discourse community that contained firefighters, I got a real look at all the different genres and genre systems of that particular discourse community. Then for major assignment three I have to compose two genres that went along with the discourse community I focused on in major assignment two. I would apply my theory so future courses and future assignments while I am in college, I could also use it beyond college. Now that I have a greater understanding of rhetorical situations, audience, and genre I can apply all of them to future writings. As you can tell I have learned a lot of important information from the course. I can transfer this information to future course and build off of this for my future English course.

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